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BEIJING puma suede blanche , Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese police solved 2,837 casesin cooperation with the Interpol in 2016, according to the Ministryof Public Security (MPS).

In 2,542 of those cases, foreign countries sought China's helpthrough the Interpol for investigations.

In addition puma suede noir femme , a total of 612 red notices were submitted toInterpol.

The MPS said that law enforcement and security cooperationbetween China and Interpol has been deepened, and that China hascalled for intensified efforts on major issues including promotingthe use of the Interpol database

Interpol liaison offices have been established in southwestChina's Guizhou Province and central China's Hubei Province, andthe MPS has provided training for staff to increase cooperationwith Interpol on cross-border crime. Enditem

BEIJING, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) will secure a "sweeping victory" in its fight against corruption to avoid the historical cycle of rise and fall, Xi Jinping said Wednesday at the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress.

Calling corruption "the greatest threat" the Party faces puma suede noir , Xi said the fight against corruption never ends and currently remains grave and complex. "We must remain as firm as a rock in our resolve to build on the overwhelming momentum and secure a sweeping victory," he said.

Xi reaffirmed the Party's zero tolerance for corruption, saying both those who take bribes and those who offer them will be punished and interest groups will be prevented from arising within the Party.

Xi also said wherever offenders may flee, they shall be brought back and brought to justice.

The Party will work for the adoption of national anti-corruption legislation and create a corruption reporting platform that covers both disciplinary inspection commissions and supervision agencies, he said

The Party will enhance deterrence so that officials dare not commit corruption http://www.chaussuresuede.fr/ , strengthen the institutional cage so that they have no way to commit corruption, and raise their consciousness of staying away from corruption, he said.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in late 2012, more than 280 centrally-administered officials were investigated. More than 1.4 million Party members or officials received punishment.


Xi said China will set up supervisory commissions at the national, provincial puma suede femme , city, and county levels, which share offices and work together with the Party's disciplinary inspection commissions.

Supervisory commissions will be given responsibilities, powers, and means of investigation in accordance with law.

A national supervision law will be formulated.

Xi said this will ensure that supervision covers everyone in the public sector who exercises public power.

Shuanggui chaussure puma suede , an intra-party disciplinary practice that requires a Party member under investigation to cooperate with questioning at a designated place and a designated time, will be replaced by detention as the reform of the national supervision system deepens.

A more powerful synergy for oversight will be created by integrating intra-party oversight with oversight by state organs, democratic oversight, judicial oversight, public oversight puma suede pas cher , and oversight through public opinion, he said.

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