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The more unconscious you are, the more you typically identify with form. You will be emotionally entangled within your own personal situations, problems Authentic Joe Haden Jersey , experiences, and thought processes. If you are an opinionated person, and someone threatens that belief, your entire sense of physical survival is based on your ability to defend these beliefs. This is what I call an “egoic opinion.” And this identification with your own personal opinions will only serve to cement your clouded state of unconsciousness. The ego, as a result Authentic Brian Hoyer Jersey , becomes a prison for your mind.

Duality or polarity is sharpened through the ego because this aspect of your mind so closely identifies the “self” with a concept. The more closely you identify with an idea or ideology, the more polarized and difficult life gets. And the more we suffer. As long as we’re living in a polarized reality (hotcold, updown, goodevil) we cannot discard polarity altogether. We can, however Authentic Johnny Manziel Jersey , transcend it to the level where polarity is softened and allowed to be benign. Subsequently, life results in being more benevolent and cooperative.

On this planet, you have plenty of people who are currently living in an inner state of disharmony. Their lives are brimming with drama, conflict, stress Authentic Manziel Jersey , and discord. They unknowingly perpetuate this chaotic existence since they so closely identify with their own individual polarized perspective of the universe. It’s as if the ego says, “The world is a hostile place and as such, I’ve declared it as my own enemy.” They have been conditioned to look upon the world with a “me vs. them” perspective. But this lens is seriously distorted.

At the same time you have so many people who are living in hell on this planet, there are also many individuals who live in a state of inner peace, joy Jim Brown Jersey , and tranquility. This is because they have learned how to surrender to the polarity of life.

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