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Hidden Stats from Sharpening into revelation online

Hidden Stats from Sharpening

You get hidden stats from sharpening at +5, +9, and +13. These are often solely viewed once you press shift and think about your gear. You buy revelation online imperial coins one hidden stat at +5, two at +9, and 3 at +13 and on top of.

These hidden stats you get area unit random and are available in numerous grades similar to your gear: inexperienced –> blue –> purple –> gold.

You can conceive to recast these hidden stats by victimization the 2d tab on the instrumentality upgrade buy revelation online imperial coins interface. It prices volcanic rock souls per recast try for the extent 40-49 gear. Once you recast it, you have got the choice to either keep the recent stats or use the new stats.

At high sharpening levels (Level nine and plus), you have got the choice to use Cloud hanging accumulated points and day credits to upgrade your gear rather than victimization the sharpening materials.All of these by http://www.playerhot.com/games/revelation-online/Golds online now.... so come to playerhot for more revelation online gold cheap.. come on!

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Re: Hidden Stats from Sharpening into revelation online

think, this two days to drink too much, my memory is not too good, oh, remember, you say the LAN fang ju  ah, ah, drinking too much last night, really sorry, but I can't remember at all. No front fool on occasion this field so many girl guest, yourself casually say, tomorrow is not allowed to each other in the ear, the next to go for a usually go there on special trip for, maybe that  not receive himself, who knows how long himself in this damn imperial city.
Yi, not li adults like sy
also the  war last night three hundred round, make  and her close-fitting wench today were up out of bed, I today early in the morning he met a steward of LAN fang ju in praise you brave invincible. A smile face her imperial ceremony affairs deputy secretary  interface, his arms holding a 30 years old mature beauty woman.
This guy is not in the front at the king's understanding of a gang, for a woman also has a unique hobby, this point is the same as the front habits, but this guy like older more mature woman, maybe a little Oedipus complex.

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