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09-08-2018 10:10:16


In the bold colourway Nike shoes Promotions Sale of black, orange and grey they speak ultimate street style. They also have a Cheetah inspired print on the sides of the shoe that represents the safari influence. Drawing inspiration from the 'Sir Charles' original, this sneaker also features a giant Air Max unit in a standout orange in the heel unit. The design elements on this sneaker truely seperate it apart from the rest.

Nothing is new Nike Men shoes new design under the sun. Year after year, Nike has been consistently dropping retro sneakers that have molded the culture as we know it today. On the horizon lies a sneaker that will not only look to the past for inspiration but will establish a promising future for 2018 and beyond. The Air Force 270 is an added chapter to the Nike history book.

Nike is a Nike women shoes Comfortable reputable brand that is known for their high performance and cross-training footwear. The Air Force 270 was designed for lifestyle purpose instead of extensive exercise. This decision was genius to adapt to a market that is more concerned with comfortability and casual style. Vividly, you can see the design inspirations from (Nike Air Force 80) from the strap, and the (Nike Air Force Max) with the sole pattern.

The two features that Nike Air Force 270 stand out most would have to be the innovative ‘Air Unit’ and the new and improved ‘Pull Strap’. Nike has once again managed to revolutionize the use of air with the large ‘Air Unit’ at the butt of the sneaker. This air technology gives that well-needed cushion to make these kicks suitable for everyday wear. The ‘Pull Strap’ has durable flex grooves at the bottom of the strap to give you a firm grip while tightening. Connected is a magnetic lock to secure the foot while walking, jogging, etc.